Coconut Shrimp


12 oz Shrimp

1/2 Cup Coconut Flour

1 Cup Unsweetened Coconut Flakes

1 Tbsp Coconut Oil

1 Large Egg

1 Tbsp Sweetener Substitute of Choice


1. You will need three small bowls. In your first bowl, add the coconut flour and sweetener. In the second bowl, add your egg and whisk. In the third bowl, add your unsweetened coconut flakes.

2. Take shrimp and dip into the flour mixture, egg, and finally, your coconut flakes. Repeat.

3. In a skillet, add coconut oil. Cook shrimp over medium heat for 10 minutes. Flipping halfway.

Nutritional Information: 4 Servings

Amount Per Serving: 276 Calories. 17g Fat. 18g Protein. 4g Net Carbs.